This project is made of two components. A kubectl plugin and the collector.

You can download both of them from the release page via GitHub.

kubectl profefe

The kubectl plugin usually runs from your laptop, and it is built for multiple platforms: Linux, Mac.

Install via Krew

krew is a package manager for kubectl plugins and you can use it to install kube-profefe:

kubectl krew install profefe


The collector called kprofefe usually runs as a cronjob in Kubernetes. You can find an example of it in ./contrib/kubernetes/kprofefe.yaml.

The one reported there will scrape all the pods (with the right annotations) every 10 minutes because it runs with the flags:

  - args:
    - --all-namespaces

--all-namespaces means that it will look for all the namespace one by one.

You can change it with the well known filters:

  • -n to change the namespace
  • -l to filter by labels

More about label selector in the Kubernetes site