Kubernetes continuous profiling made easy

Kube-profefe is a project that acts as a bridge between profefe and Kubernetes that offers a kubectl plugin and a cron-able executable that regularly sends profiling data to profefe.

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Docker images, batteries included.

Profefe from narqo is an awesome Profiling tool for Go applications. Kube-profefe brings all the goodness to your own k8s cluster !

Kubernetes friendly

Thanks to kprofefe, you can consistently gather your profiling data and send it to profefe api server.


Command-line powered

Kube-profefe provides kubectl-profefe, a kubectl plugin that helps you fetch and store pprof profiles.


Annotation strong

Quickly and easily configure your containers thanks to powerful and convenient annotations.

Continuous profiling. In your cluster.

Keep your applications' performances under control easily and conveniently thanks to this tool.

Ease of use

kube-profefe integrates with kubectl and k8s's Scheduled Jobs. Putting it to work is as easy as writing some annotations.


Kube-profefe is licensed under MIT.
Kube-profefe is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.